To install Airtable's app you have two options:

Airtable Pro

Via the Airtable Marketplace:

Custom Blocks Beta

In order to use Custom Blocks you need to Sign Up for the Beta which applies for individual accounts, not organization's.

This might change after September 2020 as it becomes part of Pro plan and maybe a Developer plan is introduced:

Also, you need to install Node.js if you haven't already.


To install the BaseQL Block on your Airtable base:

  1. Create new "Custom Block" in your Base and call it "BaseQL"
  1. Follow instructions, with some adjustements:
  • Install the Blocks CLI globally: npm install -g @airtable/blocks-cli
  • Run the block init command this way:
    • block init <BLOCKID> --template= baseql
    • Where BLOCKID is the app/blk pair
  1. Build & deploy to Airtable servers with: cd baseql && block release

Video Walkthrough

Run in multiple bases

Follow instructions at: